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Please follow the British Government Guidelines to staying safe during the Coronavirus pandemic. Following the recent coronavirus outbreak PPE supplies have been in high demand. Sheaf Valley Supplies maintain good stock levels of products shown below. However if any item is showing 'out of stock' we can replenish the stock within a few days. It may be worth contacting us or checking this page regularly for up to date stock levels.

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RGL13 Single Leg Adjustable...

RGL13 Single Leg Adjustable Lanyard

Price £35.83
RGK26 Anchorage Sling

RGK26 Anchorage Sling

Price £6.67
RGK11 60mm Aluminium...

RGK11 60mm Aluminium Scaffold Hook

Price £13.29
RGHK11 The Big Guy Kit

RGHK11 The Big Guy Kit

Price £64.17
RGH16 Multi-Task Comfort...

RGH16 Multi-Task Comfort Harness

Price £116.66
RGA1 2.5m Webbing

RGA1 2.5m Webbing

Price £46.67
Portwest PW69 Climate Cool...
PCN Black PU Coated Gloves...
Ladder Tag Inserts (x50)

Ladder Tag Inserts (x50)

Price £33.33
Digrain Fumite Opp...