Goliath FLASH MAX DDR F2AR1342 Foundry Boot

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Designed together with foundry representatives, the FlashMax takes wearer comfort in this hazardous industry to the next level. These safety boots feature an aluminium toe cap and protective midsole to protect from hazards underfoot, and implements the latest DDR injected high wall sole design with a quick release overflap.Certified to withstand molten metal splashes as high as 1400°C.

Safety Standard: EN ISO 20349:2017 S3

Additional Protection: HI3 HRO SRC Fe

Product Code: F2AR1342

Sizes: UK 5 – 13 (inc 6.5 & 10.5), Continental 38 – 48


• Protected in-house rubber formula (added flame resistance properties).
• Two distinct rubber density layers.
• Air injected midsole.
• Injected to uppers for optimum bond.
• Heat resistant to 300°C
• Long shelf life
• SRC rated slip resistance.

Technology: Dual Density Rubber injected soling system (DDR)

Choosing a Dual Density Injected Sole construction means you have a special application, for a job role that demands long lasting high abrasion resistance performance, flexibility and comfort. The injection method that squeezes the rubber material at high pressure into the sole mould at two different densities produces a permanent high strength bond between the upper and sole as the two parts are combined.

This sole construction is suitable for fire fighting, public order, metal processing, and other specialist industrial applications that share the theme of danger or extreme environments day to day.

Specialised Rubber Compounds
Goliath produces many different rubber compounds mixed with chemicals to produce the best performance for the application. The material has a heat resistance of 300°C and benefits from having a long shelf life. There are different formulas for improved slip resistance, weight, flexibility and use at different global temperatures. The rubber is formed into long strands and injected into the sole mould using the latest DESMA technology robots.

Long Shelf Life
Products with DDR sole systems have a 10 year+ shelf life, which is particularly important for countries with high humidity. DDR significantly out-performs PU soled footwear, which can degrade over a short time, so you can be assured that DDR soles will maintain the highest quality in storage.

The midsole is a lower density rubber compound that has been injected with air bubbles. This material provides flexibility and shock absorption not found in direct vulcanized rubber soles. These properties increase ground contact for better slip resistance, stability and also provides cold and heat insulation improving the overall performance of the footwear for high risk applications.

The outer part of the sole unit is high density compact rubber material with high abrasion resistance, protecting from nicks and cuts and durable properties lasting longer than PU alternatives. It passes the European standards most advanced slip resistance test and is rated SRC. With a heat resistance of 300 degrees throughout the sole, it is suitable for heavy industrial environments.

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