3M EAR Classic Ear Plugs x250

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Sheaf Valley Supplies No1 selling ear plugs - The E.A.R. Classic ear plugs (SNR 28) are made from a soft energy absorbing polymer foam which provides excellent hearing protection and all day comfort. Ideal for use wherever noise is a problem, either in work or leisure activities.

The E.A.R. Classic Yellow color is your assurance of proven protection Moisture resistant dermatologically safe foam is not irritating Slow recovery PVC foam provides comfort with low pressure .

The most popular roll-down earplugs in the world. The Classic's timeless design has proven itself in the field for 30 years; its dermatologically safe foam provides a comfortable, effective seal while exerting little pressure on the ear. It is easy to insert and provides great protection.

  • SNR 28 dba (noise reduction rating)
  • Worlds best selling ear plug

Tested according to EN 352-2:1993

Frequency (Hz)631252505001000200040008000
Mf (db)22.323.324.626.927.434.141.640.4
Sf (dB)
APV (dB)16.918.120.921.522.630.938.134.0

SNR = 28 dBH = 30 dBM = 24 dBL = 22 dBAPVf = Mf-sf (dB) = 22 dB
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